You Wild Thing Ocicats

is a southwest CFA registered cattery breeding the all-domestic spotted Ocicat since 1998.  We specialize in the dominant colors of Tawny, Chocolate and Cinnamon Spotted.  Our lines originate from the Arizona breeders of the late 1970's, however, we have worked with several other breeders to create a very diverse, unique gene pool, with a lower in-breeding coefficient.  In addition, we actively retain an Ocicat/Abyssinian hybrid breeding program.  You Wild Thing Ocicats is a current member of the CFA Ocicat Breed Council.


Silver Spotted Specialty

We have never actively bred for dilute colors or classics, so they rarely appear in our litters.  However, our genetic pool retains a clear, white silver inhibitor gene resulting in a very nice Silver Spotted Ocicat. We can thank our foundation studs GC Techichimec Shark and GC Techichimec Tecate for this lovely addition to our breeding program.  The genetics in producing quality Silvers can be a little tricky, so Silver Spotted Ocicats are a more infrequent expression in our litters, but a specialty that we delight in creating.


Temperament and Sociability

One of the owners of You Wild Thing Ocicats is a child development specialist, so special care is given during the selection of breeding pairs on the genetic temperament.  Currently, we are producing almost exclusively individuals with a flexible temperament, adaptability, easier to handle, more readily sociable with other cats, and very affectionate with their humans.  In addition, all kittens are lovingly hand-raised in our home, under foot, in a very carefully designed program to ensure maximum intellectual stimulation and emotional attachment.  We are a very small cattery so we can give a maximum amount of time and attention to every litter.  We have very playful Ocicats and can currently boast of having in our lines, Ocicats that "fetch" (yes, just like a dog).



Our breeding program has always experienced a very low mortality in our litters over the years, with very healthy kittens a happy result.  There have been no health issues reported from adoptive families. There are no known health issues in the lines we have been using.  In fact, our personal spayed Chocolate Spotted companion was a kitten from Jenga's first litter born in 2000.  She is now 15 years old, and very healthy.  We are a feline leukemia negative cattery.  We've worked very closely with the same veterinarian since 2000, who is well acquainted with the health and vitality of our Ocicats.


CFA Exhibitors

We have been actively participating in local and out-of-state CFA cat shows from the time we acquired our first Ocicat, CH Late Night Koy Karamel.  Currently, we are members of Desert Cats Cat Club.  We believe that as ethical breeders, we must adhere to the principals of CFA, and continually strive to produce Ocicats that are not only healthy, genetically diverse, and with a wonderful temperament, but are bred specifically to the established CFA Breed Standard.  We have been members of the CFA Ocicat Breed Council for more than 7 years and believe that active participation in the betterment of our breed is our responsibility.  It is our joy and purpose to ensure that our breeding studs and queens have been determined to meet the breed standards as demonstrated by attaining champion status for nearly every Ocicat used in our breeding program.  However, because we are always sensitive to the comfort of our cats in a public venue, we only show those individuals who tolerate well the challenges of exhibition.

Wild Things

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CH You Wild Thing Cheetah

Our first home bred Ocicat queen.